BrickCraft Assets Acquired


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BrickCraft, LLC, a subsidiary of Visser Brothers Construction in Grand Rapids Michigan, has been acquired by Sussex, Wisconsin based Halquist Stone Company.  Customers, suppliers and employees of BrickCraft will benefit from a stronger company created to deliver value and ensure long-term success.

The purchase of BrickCraft fits into Halquist Stone's strategy to provide a wider range of building materials for the construction industry.  By purchasing the company, Halquist Stone will invest a significant amount of capital expenditures into the company by: constructing a 7,200 square foot building, installing some of the industry's most advanced equipment for production of thin brick, automating the kilns, and other important upgrades for future expansion.

The company will be known in the future as BrickCraft, Inc. with manufacturing to remain in central Indiana and corporate functions based in Wisconsin.


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